Responsible Tourism Policy


Casas do Durão is a tourist project that aims to show you all the cultural and historical heritage that the main house, from the XVIII century, has.

The memory of the family members who lived here for 3 generations has been honored, maintaining an immense collection of agricultural utensils and personal objects, as well as the tools used in one of the arts carried out by the "Grandfather Quim" - the Handyman. He was largely responsible for part of the history of the house, which is confused with his own life story.

Casas do Durão view good sustainability practices, not as an obligation, but as a natural way of being. Aware of the importance of maintaining a sustainable tourism development and assuming the principles adopted specifically in the World Charter for Sustainable Tourism, Casas do Durão undertake to carry out a sustainable management of its activities, as well as comply with the requirements established in the framework Biosphere Hotel, which includes, among other things, the legal requirements that regulate the effects generated by the tourist activity. Therefore, we base all our policies and values ​​accordingly and commit ourselves to:

* to motivate and train our employees with training and awareness actions on the principles of Responsible Tourism;

* promote good environmental practice;

* participate in external activities and report both internally and externally on the company's environmental progress and actions;

* combat sexual exploitation, or any other form of exploitation and commercial harassment, in particular of children, adolescents, women and minorities;

* include the commitment to adopt measures of accessibility for people with disabilities (sensory, physical, intellectual and psychic).

One of our main objectives is to improve sustainable management, assuming the commitments of continuous improvement in all spheres of sustainability: social, economic and environmental, as well as customer satisfaction. For this, the future projects of extensions of the facilities or activities will be subject to the criteria of sustainability and efficiency of the use of the resources.


These are typical houses of the high border, houses that carry so much history, so many customs and many traditions of the villages of the interior, our mission is:

* To stimulate the tourism in the county and in the interior;

* Provide visitors with rest, comfort and history;

* Collaborate and contribute to local and regional sustainability;

* Provide a personalized service of quality;

* Provide an authentic, natural, helpful and attentive service.


Casas do Durão intend to be a reference in the art of well receive of the region and in the conservation and defense of the patrimony and the local traditions.


The values ​​that guide Casas do Durão are:

* Honesty


* Respect for tradition

* Family

* Story

* Well receive

* Culture

* Preservation of culture and heritage