Anniversary 2017

As in the beginning of the project we didn't make a formal inauguration, we decided to commemorate the birthday of the opening of Casa do Durão in November, choosing the day 25 for the effect.

We thanked for all entities that honored us with his presence:

  • Municipal Assembly of Celorico da Beira, City Hall of Celorico da Beira, Parish Council of Lajeosa do Mondego, Parish Council of Ratoeira and Territorial Post of National Republican Guard of Celorico da Beira
  • Biosphere - Viseu delegation, Insurance Company Allianz - Guarda delegation, IAPMEI - Agency for the Competitiveness and Innovation of Guarda and IEFP - Institute for Employment and Professional Training of Guarda
  • Beira Serra Agricultural Cooperative, Lucineves, Lda, Mini Market José da Fonseca - Lajeosa do Mondego and Concertinas Forno Musical - Fornotelheiro

We have to thank the success votes sent by:

  • Dr. Jorge Loureiro, deputy president of Agência Regional de Promoção Turística do Centro; Dalila Dias, coordinator of Aldeias Históricas de Portugal and Dr. Pedro Machado, president of Turismo Centro Portugal.

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